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Bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets

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Magnolia Eventdesign

We create unforgettable weddings and events

kissing bride and groom
Magnolia Event Design
Coordination, design & flowers


Magnolia Eventdesign is a unique design studio

that create unforgettable events and weddings.

We plan, coordinate, style and decorate

events for companies and individuals.


With passion and feeling for details and colors

we create beautiful environments, wonderful memories

and offers tailor-made comprehensive solutions

based on your wishes and needs. 

Magnolia Eventdesign always strives to

maintain the highest quality and to deliver fantastic 

experiences for our customers.

We are here to help you with everything from that

small to large for your event and wedding.





You are the best, so nice to have you on site as we could

fully enjoy our day


- Emilia & Christopher - 



About Sophie

Your coordinator, designer and florist

I want you to look back on your wedding day and feel "What a fantastic day we had" and how much fun it was planning our wedding.

I want to help you create your dream wedding, to have a stress-free and fun wedding planning. 

I believe in planning intimate, romantic and personal weddings that reflect you as a couple.

For me, it is the details that make the whole and everything is equally important to create the dream wedding.

I have many years of experience in the service industry.

Service is something I think is very important and I always want to go the extra mile for my brides and grooms. 


I have always been creative and have a great interest indesign

and the visual, which comes in handy when I

works with wedding design.


I can help you with everything from the style of your printed materials to the perfect table setting, how your wedding venue and party venue should be decorated.

Which flowers highlight your personal style and all the other details that make your wedding unique.

I believe in including your personality and style in your event, creating unique, memorable and personal weddings.  


Sofia and Jonathan

Örtofta castle

Wedding coordination and floral

When planning our wedding in Sweden, we knew we would need a dedicated local person to help since we live abroad.

We hired Sophie as both ours day-of coordinator and florist. With florals, Sophie nailed it.

We gave her some inspo and colors and she created gorgeous bouquets and arrangements that matched our vibe perfectly.

She respected our wishes to use sustainable, in-season blooms whenpossible. Sophie's biggest help was with the coordination of day-of scheduling and small details. Everyone complimented that the schedule and pace of our day was so enjoyable.

Nothing ever felt rushed and guests felt that the day flowed naturally even though it was all planned to the minute!

She also met with our toast madame and vendors to communicate the schedule in advance, which is probably why our day went so well.

Sophie was always open to communication in the weeks before our wedding and was both kind and knowledgeable with all questions we asked. She was able to recommend local vendors for hotel blocks, makeup, and ice when we didn't know where to turn.

We would recommend Sophie to anyone looking for amazing florals and peace of mind on their big day. 

Hire Magnolia Eventdesign


When you hire Magnolia Eventdesign, we help you create your dream wedding.

It is you who decides  how your wedding should be, but we facilitate the journey there.

You will avoid the less fun parts and will be able to 

focus on all the fun that for example to select menu,

what colors you want on the bridesmaids' dresses, how the flower decorations should look, etc.

You can sit back, enjoy the whole process and feel reassured that someone Other keeping track

that you are right in the planning and that nothing falls between the chairs.

On the wedding day, we are there to make sure everything runs smoothly so that you

and your loved ones can relax and enjoy to the fullest.

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